Sunday, October 29, 2006

Visit of the London Googleplex

Last friday I went to London to visiting the Google office with other GSoCers.First of all, I went to London to visit Google and I had no idea how great it would be to met other GSoCers. Everybody were nice, funny and very excited about theirs projects.

We had a nice lunch (with sushis, I love sushis !!!) and we had a round table with Chris Di Bona and Zaheda Bhorat where everyone did an self-introduction. It was a chance to know a little bit more about everybody and it also was a chance to see in what kind of studies we're all involved. Then we did the lightning talk presentations and we had a big chat about the Google Summer of Code: what was great, what went wrong, what is next, what could be improved etc.
A Googler came to talk to us about being an engineer at Google and we did a visit of the Office.

It was very enriching at so many level. I learned more about the Google work environment, what kind of relationship Google has with the Open source world, how awesome GSoCers are and it was also a great opportunity to know more about being an engineers at Google.

You can get the pdf version here.


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